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Strategist . Writer Caped Crusader .


Cordova was a startup seeking to disrupt the medical imaging industry. The objective was to entice investors and partners to their product during a critical initial funding phase. I designed captivating imagery and streamlined web copy for their new landing and product pages.


UC Davis integrated the Coastal and Marine Science graduate program into their undergraduate curriculum. In order to excite current and prospective students, CMSI commissioned a promotional campaign to showcase research at the world-class Bodega Bay facility. I executed all the responsibilities of preproduction, principal photography, and postproduction. 


Crafting an oral narrative out of impersonal research requires the same skillset as writing cogent copy. At TEDx, I guided three industry experts in delivering their life's work at our UC Davis conference. The three talks I curated received Crowd Favorite remarks while garnering millions of views on TED channels online. 

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